NCL Adds Metal Detection Capability

NCL Graphic Specialties takes product quality extremely seriously and continually assesses its production lines to ensure its label and commercial promotional packaging products are manufactured to the highest standards of its customers. As part of this continual process, we will be installing an Insight metal detection system to protect customers’ machines

The metal detection will be installed inline at or near the final package stage of production and can accurately detect contaminants as small as 2ml stainless steel. This added inline efficiency adds another layer of brand protection for the customers who specify a need for this process.

NCL places great weight on helping its customers resolve challenges that can impact their production processes and adds value to the partnership between NCL and its customers.

New Food Contact Segregation Area

NCL has added a Food Contact Segregation Area at its Waukesha Facility.  The delineated area will be identified by a separate room on the production floor and house certain finishing equipment for inserts into food as well as other direct food contact materials.

The room was created to help NCL meet growing customer demands for food contact safety for certain labels and promotional products. The Food Contact Segregation Area consists of a marked, segregated area in the facility signifying certain additional GMP and PPE requirements, among other sanitation requirements, where finished food contact products are produced and managed to their finished product state.

Global food companies have been working on the Global Food Safety Initiative for 14 years now, and are far enough into the process that they are evaluating packaging (printers) with a different perception than they have in the past. Direct contact materials are viewed as a potential source of contamination for their products. Food safety concepts have been engineered into programs and the layouts of facilities themselves in food manufacturing long before the GFSI became a driving force. For those farther down in the supply chain, many of these concepts are new and seem excessive. The expectation from GFSI compliant vendors is that their suppliers will follow suit and make changes to demonstrate that they consider food safety in their manufacturing processes.

Behaviors inside the Food Contact Segregation Area must demonstrate an understanding of sanitary technique, along with developed programs throughout the process. Hand washing, sanitizing, foreign material control and traceability of raw materials and finished goods are key topics for GFSI companies. The benefit to demonstrating that we all understand the expectations and abide by them daily, is the opportunity to supply the large companies with large quantities of printed materials. NCL is proud to be taking the leadership in food contact safety once again for the benefit of our customers.