Promotional Product Success Stories

Bumble Bee Food IRCs

Bumble Bee Foods challenged NCL to develop a 7 panel booklet IRC that could be applied to the top of tuna cans automatically at speeds over 1,000 cans per minute. NCL developed a 2.25” round 7 panel booklet IRC using materials that could hold up to high-speed application. With the help of Northfield Corporation, NCL successfully installed and integrated equipment into the Bumble Bee paper label labeling lines. Not only did NCL succeed in placing labels on every can at speeds over 1,000 cans per minute, the liner waste was automatically removed and no additional labor was needed to run the equipment on the line. Application hit rate was over 99%. View video of the application at YouTube.

Weber – Unlock Your Grilling Potential

NCL does all kinds of overwrapping….singles and continuous bandolier…but this coupon application is very cool. Not only do you get the overwrap coupon, but you actually get a sample of the new Weber grilling spice to sample–Canadian Chicken. Smart! It’s hard to fork over cash on a condiment you’re not sure you’re going to like..

Kool-Aid Coupon

An excellent demonstration of NCL’s printing and folding skills. It was done for Kool-Aid to encourage customers to complete a survey. The folded piece is only 5/8″ wide and is designed to securely adhere to the package and not peel-off until after the product has been purchased. Once removed, the coupon opens to 3-1/4″. This on-pack promotion was printed 4-color on two-sides in-line with plow folds. There are repeating multiple graphics…every other on-pack features one of two offers. There is also video jet imaging in two different locations..

Sea Pak – Instore Case Coupon

NCL has coupons that can be applied to products — in-store–not on the production line. This offers manufacturers lots of flexibility in timing their promotions. Representatives can simply go to stores and place the coupons on the appropriate products during the time period designated by the manufacturer. For example, this Sea Pak coupon could be tied to New Year’s or other celebratory times of year

Kohls Scratch-Off Coupons

Kohls used a scratch-off game to encourage holiday sales. NCL printed 43 million game pieces for the holiday seasion which were distributed in-store. (This is just one of many scratch-off games that NCL has produced for Kohls.) Not only did NCL staff produce 153 million scratch-off cards annually, they handled the security, as well as shipping to Kohl’s outlets across the country.

Banquet – WIN More Family Fun

Reveal-style games are ideal for driving traffic into retail outlets. Banquet conducted research and found that people who purchased their banquet dinners were also bowling fans. Banquet teamed with the Bowling Proprietors Association to create a fun and interactive game for bowlers. BPA members handed out postcard sized-game cards to visitors at the bowling alleys. They had to come back several weeks later to determine whether they won a prize, such as a Bowling Shirt, Bowling Ball Bag or gift certificate. The program was run nationwide and got great response

Sonic Limeades for Learning

SONIC Drive-Ins launched a program called “Limeades for Learning” to allow customers to assist public school teachers in every community in which SONIC does business. Various beverages at SONIC featured peel-off labels with unique alpha/numeric codes which entitled the consumers to go to the website and vote. Teachers would register their needs on the web site and SONIC provided grants so the teachers could purchase the items they need. Each week, the teachers with the most votes would receive the items they registered. The program funded 1,456 projects with grants totaling $637, 516. NCL was challenged with producing 87 million of the peel-off labels for a variety of drinks so the labels were all different sizes. The labels were applied during high-speed manufacturing runs and shipped to 3,500 different locations.

Clorox Scratch and Sniff

Clorox used NCL’s die cutting and scratch and sniff technologies to introduce its new “Rain Clean” bleach scent. NCL produced more than 3 million of these hang tags for use across the country.