Heidelberg 40”Speedmaster XL 105

NCL Graphic Specialties has a long history of quality, experienced craftsmen who have delivered excellent results helping to maintain long lasting customer relationships.  NCL is a manufacturer, and a  producer of products that help our customers’ package and promote their brands.  We manufacture products that protect their food, help identify what they are selling, and promote and drive customer sales.

Our skilled employees produce quality work because NCL continues to invest in the equipment needed to help them do their jobs. NCL re-invests in itself because we have the support of great customers that depend on us day after day, year after year to keep their production lines running smooth, and to keep our turn times short.

NCL is positioned for continued growth due to our investment in the future.  Our pressroom consists of an array of equipment.

Flexographic Press


We operate 2-Heidelberg 40”Speedmaster XL 105, roll to sheet presses, featuring 8 colors and aqueous coating. Staffed and able to run 24/7 when the demands require it.

Heat Set Web

Heat set half size web press prints 5-color and features both folding capabilities as well as web to sheet.

Uteco Onyx XS


Customer demand moved NCL into the flexible packaging market operating 8 flexographic presses from 1-color up to 12 color. Our flexo presses run a variety of substrates both paper and synthetics and can run Aqueous, solvent and UV inks and coatings. We produce roll-to-roll, roll to sheet and can image in-line. Producing Promotional Print and Flexible Packaging on our Aqua Flex and Mark Andy presses.

NCL Graphic Specialties continues to invest in new equipment, slated to launch in March 2017 a new press will be added to the Flexo pressroom, the Uteco Onyx XS will add a new dimension to our already robust capabilities.

Nordmeccanica Laminator


NCL Graphic Specialties offers a multitude of finishing capabilities. We feature “Food Safe” zones with AIB certified direct contact to food. We operate Heidelberg folders for our coupon and inserts, we have automating padding equipment, die cut capabilities, string tying (for neck hangers), over wrap for inserts, bandoliers, fan folding, gluing and imaging.

Laminating, Slit and Rewind: Many of the products we produce require laminating which NCL answered the call by installing a Nordmeccanica laminator. Laminating many of the products we offer from steamer bag construction, cake mix bags, snack and cereal bags keeping much of the finishing work in-house. NCL also operates numerous rewinders and slitters to deliver rolls or fan folded products to our customer’s requests.