NCL has been a premier cut and stack label printer for more than 50 years, currently producing six billion labels per year for a wide range of clients, including some of the largest consumer products companies in the country.

Our eight-color presses and multiple auto cuts allow us to handle high volumes of both standard square-cut and custom die-cut labels

Helping you reduce costs

To save you money, we offer competitive pricing and an AdvantaPak option that combines different labels in the same run. We go the extra mile here by:

  • Requiring multiple checks to make sure your labels are correctly separated
  • Delivering labels in small packages that can be quickly accessed and easily counted on the factory floor

Shortening your time–to-market

Our production schedules ensure fast turnaround to help you respond to market, production, or inventory demands. We make sure that small runs get the same turnarounds as high volume runs.

Our customer service representatives will work with you to make sure that the materials we use will stand up to the manufacturing processes you have in mind.

Our inventory management procedures include monthly reports on how many remain in stock and alerts when labels approach end-of-life dates.


We developed the Advanta-Pak™ system exclusively for our label customers. This system:

  • Guarantees no mixed bundles
  • Uses shrink-film overwrap for immediate product recognition
  • Bands together individual label stacks for improved handling, allowing faster and easier loading into your labeler
  • Provides a complete moisture barrier

Advanta-Pak™ labels come in environmentally-friendly, easy-open trays with minimal corrugated end waste.

Die-cut labels

We have many in-stock options and can cut unique sizes and shapes to your specifications.

Pizza labels

To avoid wrinkling, tearing, or peeling, we use freezer-grade adhesives and vinyl or polyester stock that stands up to cold and moisture.

NCL Graphic Specialties Products, Services & Qualifications

Flexible Packaging

We offer a full range of competitively priced Flexible Packaging solutions with help from our experienced sales and customer service representatives.

Equipment Services

We provide help with line assessments, installation and training for specialized onpack and inpack labeling equipment, with full support and options to lease or buy.

Promotional Printing

We manufacture a wide array of on package and in package promotional material, as well as neck hangers, wall graphics, and a variety of printed paper premiums.


We have two facilities certified as meeting the AIB Consolidated Standards for Food-Contact Packaging. We are a certified PEFC partner and have full certification from Graphic Measures International.