Peel and Reveal

Peel and reveal is ideal for multiple prize levels. The adhesive “peel up” masks the prize, code number or other printing

We can produce a variety of engaging promotional items, including 3-D images, temporary tattoos, and holographic printing.

For games and sweepstakes, we print peal and reveal prizes and scratch-off instant win materials available in silver and gold, which can be applied to virtually any paper stock and overprinted with graphics.


Scratch-off promotions are gaining in popularity due to the involvement of the consumer and instant results of the scratch-off. The scratch-off emulsion is available in silver or gold, and can be applied to virtually any paper stock. The emulsion can also be overprinted with graphics
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Ink Techniques

NCL offers a wide range of options for promotional printing, including glow-in-the-dark inks and thermos-chromatic inks that change color when temperatures change, as well as tactile & textured inks and raised, textured, and spot & full UV coating.

Take one Pads

Buck Slips/Coupons

Kohls Scratch-Off Coupons

Kohls used a scratch-off game to encourage holiday sales. NCL printed 43 million game pieces for the holiday seasion which were distributed in-store. (This is just one of many scratch-off games that NCL has produced for Kohls.) Not only did NCL staff produce 153 million scratch-off cards annually, they handled the security, as well as shipping to Kohl’s outlets across the country.