NCL has been providing promotional products for more than 50 years.

Hanging Coupons

Tag and Neck Hangers

To announce special incentives, recipes, or premium offers, we can produce a variety of hang tags and neck hangers, including string-tied, die cut, multiple panel, pressure sensitive, and specialty items in many shapes and sizes.


Encapsulated Coupon / Booklet

Die Cut Multi Panel Booklet

Encapsulated Coupon / Booklet

Dry Release Redeemable Offer Cards

Blake S. Parton Associate Brand Manager, Summit Brands
Let me begin by informing you that the last NCL necker (yellow Dishwasher Magic hanger) was the most successful IRC we have ever had. Close to 71% redemption! Just wanted to let you know as I believe design was a large portion of the reason for the success. You have spoiled the owner of the company who now wants special hangers on everything instead of elastic tags. Thanks,

Bumble Bee Food IRCs

Bumble Bee Foods challenged NCL to develop a 7 panel booklet IRC that could be applied to the top of tuna cans automatically at speeds over 1,000 cans per minute. NCL developed a 2.25” round 7 panel booklet IRC using materials that could hold up to high-speed application. With the help of Northfield Corporation, NCL successfully installed and integrated equipment into the Bumble Bee paper label labeling lines. Not only did NCL succeed in placing labels on every can at speeds over 1,000 cans per minute, the liner waste was automatically removed and no additional labor was needed to run the equipment on the line. Application hit rate was over 99%. View video of the application at YouTube.

Equipment Services

We provide help with line assessments, installation, and training for specialized onpack and inpack labeling equipment, with full support and options to lease or buy. More Information